/The Best Gym Bags For Lugging Your Sweaty Clothes In Style

The Best Gym Bags For Lugging Your Sweaty Clothes In Style

Graphic: Shep McAllister

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There’s something very “handsome rich guy on a soapy CW drama” about toting a gym bag. It feels grown up and responsible, and therefore, sexy. After all, who doesn’t want a man who’s forward-thinking enough to buy his favorite grooming products in duplicates, and who knows you should never wear a backpack over a jacket with a structured shoulder?

Of course, I’m not talking any ol’ gym bag. That monster nylon duffel with the Adidas logo splashed across the side from JV soccer might have been a status symbol in high school, but at the office? Not so much.

So Team SG rounded up the most stylish, functional, and affordable gym bags for discerning fitness enthusiasts.

Ask a Clean Person and Style Girlfriend are teaming up to bring you the latest on what to wear for spring and summer… this week, they’re talking gym bags.

Mack Weldon, $98

Graphic: Shep McAllister

First, Mack Weldon developed Silver XT2, a naturally antimicrobial and anti-odor material, to ward off swamp ass in their boxer briefs. When they launched a gym bag, lining the interior with their trademark stink repeller was a no-brainer next step.

An ultra-functional duffel for leg day, the sturdy waxed canvas bag comes equipped with no less than seven pockets AND a separate shoe compartment, all to help you carry everything you could possibly need. And probably more.

Topo Designs, $129

Graphic: Shep McAllister

We stan a good origin story at SG HQ, and Topo Designs doesn’t disappoint. On the hunt for the ultimate vintage-meets-technical daypack, veteran outdoors types (and generally burly-looking dudes) Jedd Rose and Mark Hansen decided to buy a sewing machine and design their own in Rose’s Fort Collins, Colorado basement. Cute, right?!

This classic duffel boasts a seriously spacious, 2-pocket interior with double handles for easy toting. And while the brand calls it navy, just know this bag reads a brighter blue in person. A plus for standing out when checking in at SoulCycle, tbh.

Aer, $170

Graphic: Shep McAllister

When you think of tote bags, you usually think of that one large tote bag in the corner of your kitchen in which you stuff other, smaller tote bags you receive as corporate swag and carry-home bags from friends trying to pare down their own bag of tote bags at home.

You probably don’t think of a sexy-as-hell gym carry-all that helps you expertly organize your workout and work essentials. But that’s exactly what you get with this Aer model. Oh, and the compact style is perfect for city commutes where personal space is at a minimum.

Eastpak, $70

Graphic: Shep McAllister

The brand calls this pattern “Camo’ed Forest” which is a lovely way to describe the topography-looking blues, greens and greys of this stylish and affordable duffel bag.

Don’t expect any bells and whistles catering to the intricate demands of your WOD workout (did I even use that term correctly? JK don’t tell me). Eastpak is old school, and this bag boasts only one interior pocket and no interior lining. But hey, at least it zips!

Reyleo, $20

Independence Day is fast approaching, and wearing your patriotism on a lapel pin is so-o-o-o over. Everyone knows the real liberty lovers show their red, white and blue pride in…their gym locker.

Okay, that might be pushing it, but our whole team IS very into this rando Amazon offering that rings up at a cool twenty dollars. Less than you’ll pay for that supergreen smoothie and protein muffin you splurge on after your extra-early Wednesday morning workouts.

Paravel, $65

It feels like it should be enough to tell you that this Paravel bag was one of Oprah’s “favorite things” in 2018.

But IN THE EVENT you want more information, ugh fine here you go: this bad boy is feather-light and zips completely flat. Yes, really. The bag comes in four colors (we like all of them..sorry that’s not super helpful I know) and can be embroidered with your initials in one of eight colors. But just think! After narrowing down the practically infinite choices to just one color combo, busting out that last superset of core work will be no sweat.

Fourlaps, $58

Fourlaps is a new DTC athletic/athleisure brand in the tradition of recent entrants like Rhone , Olivers Apparel, and Public Rec. I know, I know. It can start to feel a bit like, “Another one?!” when hearing about these startups, but for those of us sick of advertising multinational sportswear conglomerate on our chests, this abundance of gymwear options remains a style net positive.

Designed with the urban professional in mind, Fourlaps’ gym duffel comes in a tough polyester fabric, with a water-resistant coating on the inside. So you never have to worry about gross sweaty clothes soaking through.