Ask Us Something: What are allergy symptoms?

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Hotter climate is upon us right here within the Northern Hemisphere. Whereas it’s a welcome reward for surviving the winter to peel just a few layers of clothes off, springtime can be when these unwelcome spring allergy symptoms begin to blossom. If you happen to do undergo from recurrent seasonal allergy symptoms, you aren’t alone. In keeping with the American Faculty of Allergy, Bronchial asthma, and Immunology, greater than 50 million People expertise varied sorts of allergy symptoms every year. The truth is, in line with that very same report, allergy symptoms are the sixth main reason for persistent sickness within the U.S. However that begs the query, what precisely is an allergy?

An allergy is a situation wherein the immune system generates an irregular response to an in any other case innocent substance. That substance is known as an allergen, and it will possibly take numerous kinds—mud mites, mildew, grass, pollen, and several types of meals can all illicit reactions in some folks whereas having zero impact on others.

When you’ve gotten an allergy to one thing, your immune system sees this substance as doubtlessly dangerous, and it reacts in an identical method to how it could reply to a harmful virus or bacterium—nonetheless this time there’s nothing harmful on the market. Discover out why the immune system performs this pointless act of insurrection on this week’s episode of Ask Us Something. 

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