Watch a black bear tackle a striped skunk in a shocking faceoff

A spraying skunk can hit small targets as much as 10 ft away. (LeniG from Pixabay/)

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Skunks are the unlikely badasses of the animal world. Small, waddling, and type of cute, they would appear weak if it weren’t for weapon they preserve loaded of their anal glands. As it’s, they go the place they need, openly poking their noses into each gap.

Coyotes, foxes, bobcats, mountain lions, and bears can all eat skunks, however they normally keep away from them. Nonetheless, you must be impressed with the pluck of your common skunk, and this video, shared this week by New Nation 99.1 in Windsor, Colorado, is a fantastic instance, as a younger bear apparently learns his place within the order of issues the exhausting means.

The bear is in a subject of grass, consuming, frolicking, and simply being a bear. However then—cue the music—it sees a skunk and runs over to examine the critter. You get the sensation that it may be this bear’s first skunk expertise. You additionally get the sensation that it isn’t the skunk’s first bear expertise, as a result of it stands its floor confidently.

The bear confronts the skunk at shut vary, however quite than fleeing, the skunk takes a number of steps towards the bruin, rocks ahead and again, and raises its tail. We all know this can be a good time to retreat, however the bear apparently doesn’t. He stays put whereas the skunk swaps ends and delivers a visual spray to the bruin’s face. Exit bear, operating flat out.

It is a testomony to the each the skunk’s hutzpah and to its anal scent glands, that are organized one on both sides. Skunks are fairly good photographs, too, in a position to hit small targets at distances of 10 ft, they usually carry sufficient for 5 – 6 sprays. The spray itself is a type of yellow oil that adheres to most issues. It accommodates unstable sulfurous compounds which are detectable by the human nostril from as much as a mile away in the correct circumstances. As anybody with skunk expertise is aware of, you don’t need to mess with it. It makes pepper spray seem to be fragrance.

By the way, the previous standby cures for bathing a skunk-sprayed canine—tomato juice and vinegar—received’t minimize it. There are specialised skunk remedies for canines, however skunk assaults usually happen at evening after shops are closed. Your greatest wager is a combination of a touch of hydrogen peroxide with baking soda and a teaspoon of dish detergent. That is fairly efficient at eradicating the oil from fur however may also most likely bleach your canine’s coat. So, preserve it away from the canine’s eyes and mouth.

Skunks are fairly efficient at averting most predators. They flip the tables on rattlesnakes, for instance, consuming the serpents. They’re successfully proof against snake venom. Nice horned owls are thought of their main predator. In a single case, the bones of 57 striped skunks had been found in a single nice horned owl’s nest. Owls have nearly no sense of odor in any way, which is an efficient factor to lack when messing with skunks. Bears aren’t so lucky.

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